Dubiski Career High School | 9-12

Dubiski Clogo areer High School | 9-12

Dubiski facade Dubiski Career High School is a GPISD public high school of choice with a focus on equipping students with the skills they need for 21st century professions. Students choose one of 18 pathways designed to prepare them for a 2-year, 4-year, or technical college. In addition to their high school diploma, students are also eligible to complete programs that award them with advanced certifications, industry training, and internship and career-field experiences. Dubiski offers HB5 endorsements including STEM, Business & Industry, and Public Service. 

How to know Dubiski Career High School is right for your child:

  1. You want to prepare your child for college, career, and life in a professional learning environment.
  2. You want targeted instruction based on your child’s career interest.
  3. You want your child to be an innovative thinker and problem solver.

Unique ways your child can learn and grow here:

  • Professional learning environment
  • Real-world learning opportunities
  • Industry certifications and internships
  • Development of communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills