mision vision

Mission Statement

The mission of the School for the Highly Gifted Counseling Program is to inspire all learners to create a positive change in the world by identifying their motivation, acquiring social and emotional life skills, and exploring their goals for college and career success.

Vision Statements

  • Collaborate with students, parents, staff, and other stakeholders to identity the unique social and emotional needs of highly gifted students
  • Empower students to explore college, career and military options to formulate individual academic plans geared toward their interest and future goals. 
  • Create an environment of inclusivity for learners from diverse backgrounds while teaching students life skills that promote demonstrating kindness and empathy for each other.
  • Assists students with identifying self-regulation strategies to assist them with their current and future individualized education plans.


  • All students have the right to participate in the School for the Highly Gifted Counseling Program.
  • All students will be recognized for their talents, abilities and unique learning profiles.
  • All students have dignity and worth.
  • All students will be equipped with career awareness.