Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services

College and universities around the country have made substantial strides towards creating accessible, welcoming and inclusive campus for all students.

Overview of College Resources for Students with Disabilities

Questions to Ask College Rep

When researching colleges and universities there are crucial questions to ask yourself and, especially, an admissions counselor or a Disability Resource Center representative.

Below are some examples of what to ask and where to begin:

  • What are the percentages and ranges of disabilities on the campus?
  • Does the campus provide a specific space that serves students with disabilities?
  • Which papers and documents do you need to show as record of your disability? Inquire about how current those papers should be.
  • How many accessible dorm rooms are available?
  • Are all the buildings and classrooms accessible?
  • Are there support groups and student-led clubs for students with disabilities?
  • What should you do to apply for accommodations ahead of time? And which accommodations are commonly offered?
  • Who should you notify of your disability and who will already be notified?
  • What is the relationship between faculty and the student with a disability?
  • What kind of tutoring is offered? Similarly, what kind of adaptive software will you have access to?


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