Curriculum Offerings

Curriculum Offerings Curriculum Offerings

Montessori 3-year-old PK through 2nd grade

Gifted and Talented - Curriculum units at this level are interdisciplinary and based on broad themes.  The units capture the high levels of achievement that GT students can exhibit. They incorporate logical critical and creative thinking skills into the core academic areas of math, reading, writing, science, and social studies. Independent research opportunities allow students to investigate specific topics of interest and to develop sophisticated products. 

Dyslexia Program - Multisensory Teaching Approach 

SEAS program - is a service and support option to meet the diverse needs of students with severe, chronic behavior that affects students educational performance despite the use of other supplementary aids and services.

Bilingual/ESL/Dual Language 3-year PreK – 5th grade – Dual Language classes are available at every grade level in our school, following the Gomez and Gomez model. We create Bilingual and Biliterate students.