About Our School

Bowie began as a traditional elementary school in 1951 and reopened as a fine arts academy in a brand new state-of-the art facility in the fall of 2018. BFAA offers an engaging and rigorous fine arts experience with an underlying primary purpose of helping students grow academically, socially and artistically.


Bowie Fine Arts Academy is wholeheartedly committed in cultivating a community of vibrant, talented lifelong learners and problem solvers who will prosper academically, expressively, and artistically.


At Bowie, everybody GROWS!

How to know Bowie Fine Arts Academy is right for your child:

  • Your child enjoys showcasing his/her talent.
  • Your child has expressed an interest in the fine arts and wants to attend a school that was intentionally built to encourage and promote the arts.
  • You want your child to be part of a unique learning community that focuses on individual student academic growth.

Unique ways your child can learn and grow here:

  • Fine Arts-driven program
  • One-way Dual Language program
  • After-school clubs that concentrate on fine arts including Dance, Theater Arts, Digital/Visual Arts, and Vocal Music
  • Technology-rich classrooms