Curriculum Offerings

Curriculum Offerings Curriculum Offerings

Gifted and Talented  

The Gifted and Talented Program at Powell provides learning experiences that are appropriately differentiated and meaningfully linked to core content.  It also promotes creative problem solving and divergent thinking.  This program guides students to develop healthy self-awareness of what it means to be gifted and the encouragement to apply their talents in their everyday lives.  

Dyslexia Program  

We use the Multisensory Teaching Approach (MTA) program which is an approach to teaching that is used with identified dyslexia students. A student with dyslexia most often struggles with accuracy and fluency word recognition.  Decoding and spelling words is also a characteristic of dyslexia.  A Multisensory Teaching Approach involves the use of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-tactile methods to enhance a student’s memory and the student’s learning of the written language. 

Comprehensive Guidance Counseling Program

The school counseling program is designed to support all the students at Powell.  Through social/emotional lessons, small group counseling sessions, and individual counseling, the program includes developmentally appropriate curriculum that addresses academic achievement, college/career readiness, and social/emotional development.