Curriculum Offerings

Curriculum Offerings Curriculum Offerings

Gifted and Talented - Identified gifted students take part in a pull-out program in grades 1 - 5. Instruction for this class is provided by an Advanced Academics/Gifted Specialist. Curriculum units are interdisciplinary and incorporate logical, critical and creative thinking skills into core academic areas of math, language arts, science, and social studies.

Dyslexia - The Multisensory Teaching Approach program is utilized for students that are identified through testing

Special Education - For students that qualify for services, certified staff members are available to ensure implementation of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). 

Bilingual/ESL - One-way Bilingual classes are offered on each grade level.  Each teacher at Whitt is equipped with the expertise to incorporate instructional strategies to also ensure students identified as ESL receives academic support. 

Fine Arts Division

Art:  Students will learn the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design and how to incorporate them into art work. Products include painting, working with clay, drawing, weaving, learning about various Artists and preparing for showcases. 

Music: Students will perform, create, sing, play instruments, listen, and move to music!  Students will have a grade level showcase that will feature all of the Fine Arts strands with a musical-style presentation.

Media Arts: Students learn how to use their iPads to record, edit, and produce video and audio projects.  Emphasis is also placed on the history, career choices, and the role Media Arts plays in everyday life.  

Theatre:  Students are exposed to the technical, history, and character analysis of acting.   Students have the opportunity to apply techniques and analytical skills to showcase their learnings through group performances and monologues.  

Physical Education:  The Physical Education program will guide students toward becoming physically, mentally, and socially functioning individuals that will prepare them to live in today's complex society, and in the future.