Student iPads

Student iPads

The Grand Prairie Independent School District’s Board of Trustees approved the distribution of one-to-one iPads for all students in grades 6th – 12th during the June Board Meeting.

Grand Prairie ISD will not charge a fee for the use of mobile devices issued to students.

GPISD will provide Optional Insurance to help parents and students guard against accidental damage or loss. (Details can be found in the “Optional Student Insurance” link found here.)

In the event the mobile device is stolen, the parent or student must report the theft to the campus administration and the local law enforcement agency as soon as possible.

Students with outstanding fees will be issued a loaner mobile device. The loaner may not be taken home. Each day the student is responsible for picking up the mobile device in the morning and returning the device at the end of the day.

All iPads issued to students have protective cases. These cases may not be remove or replaced in lieu of personally owned cases.

Stickers that are made of vinyl and do not leave residue or damage the case/device may be applied to the case.

Stickers that identify the device belonging to a person may be applied to the device. Under no circumstances may a sticker be applied to any mobile device itself.