Computer Science/Cybersecurity GPISD is proud to announce the addition of the Computer Science/Cybersecurity CTE Pathway for the 2020-2021 school year. These programs will be offered at South Grand Prairie High School part of the new, Lone Star STEM Academy. As part of the program, courses such as: Principles of Information Technology, Fundamentals of Computer Science/Cybersecurity, AP Computer Science Principles and Computer Science 1 will be aligned to the curriculum and coherent sequence.

Enrollment in these courses will provide new opportunities for students in a partially immersed STEM experience, that focuses on collaboration and development of employability skills in a 21st century workforce that is rapidly growing here in Texas. Students enrolled in these programs will also be able to obtain their Language credits in Programming instead of the more traditional options such as Spanish, French, and American Sign Language.

Students pursuing a more rigorous path will be able to work toward an Associate’s Degree or Professional Certification through our partnerships with universities from across the region.

Computer Science/Cybersecurity Powerpoint Presentation

Computer Science/Cybersecurity 4-Year-Plan