Journal Prompts

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This is a printable journal that includes blank sheets with lines and different journaling activities.

Journal Prompts

1. Today I am grateful for ____ (try to come up with three!)

2. My person dreams include ____

3. The things I love most about myself are ___

4. I deserve to be happy because ___

5. The most important prople in my life are ___ because ___

6. I'm worthy of being loved because ___

7. What I like most about myself is ___

8. The successes I've had in my life are ___

9. My past doesn't define who I am because ___

10. I love msyelf because ___

Top Journals for Anxiety

Top Journals for Anxiety

11. Three examples of my fears being proved wrong are ___

12. My fears are unrealistic because ___

13. I have grown and triumphed over my anxieties by ___

14. My biggest anxiety is ___ but a more realistic interpretation of it is ___

15. Three expectations that I have for today are ___

16. One way that I have control of my life is ___

17. Three examples of me being safe and secure are ___

18. Today, when feeling anxious, I will do the following to control my thoughts ___

19. I can have control over my anxiety in the following ways ___

20. When anxious, I will do the following to feel safe ___

Top Journals for Personal Growth

 Top Journals for Personal Growth

21. I can rework my life's narrative in the following ways ___

22. Today, I learned ___ and will implement tomorrow in the following ways ___

23. My life's goals are ___

24. The skills that I need to accomplish my goals are ___

25. This week I will accomplish the following ___

26. I can be a better me by doing the following ___

27. My definition of success for myself is ___

28. One area that I need to improve upon is ___

29. I can be a better person each day by doing ___

30. I can demonstrate love for other by ___

Top Journals for Confidence

Top Journals for Confidence

31. I know that I'm not an imposter and am good enough because ___

32. Today, I demonstrated success by ___

33. I have a high level of skill at ___

34. One thing that I can teacher others is ___

35. I'm more than adaqueate because of my ___

36. The things I did well today are ___

37. Write a short story of you being the best you in a tough situation

38. Three examples my negative thoughts about myself are wrong ___

39. I present myself well in front of others by doing ___

40. I know I'm self-conscious about ___ but can improve in this area by ___

Top Journals for Focus

Top Journals for Focus

41. I can better handle my spare time by doing ___

42. I must complete ___ by the end of the week by ___

43. The key takeaways from today are ___

44. To be a better listener, I need to ___

45. My priority tasks to complete are ___

46. Paraphrase a difficult concept you learned today

47. In the moment, I can retain information better by ___

48. Today, I was able to accomplist ___

49. Tomorrow, I can do a better job of ___ by ___

50. I know I'm improving my focus when I'm doing ___

Journal Prompts for Well-Being

1. Describe what you love about someone using all 5 senses

2. Recount every memorable detail about your first kiss

3. Write a short story where you conquer your anxieties and depression

4. Write 5 positive traits about yourself and how you demonstrate those traits each day

5. Write 3 thiings that you appreciated today

6. Write a letter of forgiveness to someone's who's hurt you

7. Describe a personal goal of yours and the steps you need to get there

8. Explain how you will surpass your own expectations for the day

9. Detail your worst fear and how you will overcome it with confidence