Career & Technical Education

Career & Technical Education Pathways (high school) Career & Technical Education Pathways (high school)

Every student at GPCI is enrolled in a CTE pathway.  These pathways determine student’s electives and also offer opportunities for internships and competition organizations.  All GPCI students take overview courses as 6th and 7th graders where they are exposed to all three pathways in order to make an informed decision about which pathway to choose their 8th grade year.  Beginning in the 8th grade, middle school students begin taking high school level courses in the pathways.  By taking these courses earlier than most other schools, students open space in their schedules in the upper grades to take advanced practicum and internship classes.  

All three GPCI pathways engage students with industry professionals. Students have the opportunity to gain valuable networking contacts as well as work with industry professionals.  More information about 4-year plans and potential careers can be found on the CTE website

GPCI CTE Pathways