Curriculum Offerings

Curriculum Offerings Curriculum Offerings

Special Education Classes

The program for Children with Autism and Related Exceptionalities (CARE) serves students with communication, sensory, and social differences that significantly impact their educational progression. The focus of the program is on customizing individual academic and behavioral interventions to bridge the gap between a student’s deficits and strengths by emphasizing a home-school collaborative approach. It is through this collaborative effort that students with communication, sensory, and social differences can learn the skills necessary to become productive citizens and independent in the areas of communication, social skills, leisure skills, self-help, and vocational skills.

Program components include highly structured, individualized programming, intensive communication and language training, social skills training, utilization of natural/inclusive environments for instruction, positive behavioral programming, and educationally-based sensory activities (as appropriate, determined by ARD committee). Additional services including speech/language therapy, music therapy, occupational therapy, in home training, parent training, and adaptive physical education may also be provided based on individual need and evaluation data.

  • CARE: Life Skills (LS)
  • CARE: Specialized Support (SS)

Gifted and Talented  

Curriculum units at this level are interdisciplinary and based on broad themes.  The units capture the high levels of achievement that GT students can exhibit. They incorporate logical critical and creative thinking skills into the core academic areas of math, reading, writing, science, and social studies. Independent research opportunities allow students to investigate specific topics of interest and to develop sophisticated products. 

Dyslexia Program  

At Seguin we use the Multisensory Teaching Approach coupled with very specific interventions and accommodations that help propel our program students to the next academic level.

Bilingual/ESL/Dual Language  

Bilingual classes are available at every grade level in our school, following the Gomez and Gomez model.