The Four Parts of the Test

spanish CBE logo There are four parts to the Spanish CBE: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The CBE typically takes around 3 hours.

The Speaking Test includes 10 pre-recorded questions or prompts in Spanish. Answer the questions using complete sentences, including your best Spanish vocabulary and add details to demonstrate an accurate assessment of your Spanish speaking skills. When recording your answer, speak loudly and clearly. PAUSE your recording between answers, DO NOT STOP recording until you are done. Your responses will be scored by a member of the LOTE Department. (35 minutos)

The Writing Test requires an essay composition of five paragraphs. You will receive instructions about each paragraph and its required information. Use your best spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, fluency and other knowledge and skills. (55 minutos)

The Listening Test includes 30 questions. You will hear a brief statement or conversation, hear a question about it, read four options on your test booklet and mark the correct answer on your Edugence scantron. (45 minutos)

The Reading Test includes 30 questions. You will read brief paragraphs and their corresponding questions. After reviewing four options, you will select the correct one and bubble it on your scantron. (45 minutos)