Vision Building from Breakout Room Work

Vision Building from Breakout Room Work

“...should empower the learner through opportunities for exploration and collaboration that encourages and supports the individual student's learning modalities.”

“...provides high quality, engaging instruction that meets the needs of ALL students using current best practices for both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Learners are active participants in a student-centered model that promotes life-long learning to become global citizens.”

“...provides student-centered, interactive, and engaging learning opportunities that promote equity among all student groups.”

“ to provide students with unique, personalized learning opportunities. Further, blended learning instruction will foster independence of our learners through effortless transitions between various modalities where ALL students are reaching their full potential.”

“Intentional instruction that is data informed, that meets the needs of all our diverse learners, that incorporates all resources and technology available. Supporting learning through intentional collaboration and integration of all stakeholders.”

“ using instructional technology to create accessible, intentional, and engaging instruction that addresses unique learning needs and styles and is equitable regardless of learning setting.”