How will the money be spent?

How will the money be spent?

Grand Prairie ISD’s ESSER III Action Team has been meeting regularly to make sure that the District complies with all federal requirements as it makes plans for using the ESSER III grant funds. In total, Grand Prairie ISD will receive $53,139,268. These funds will be made available in two different allocations:

  • Initial allocation (2/3 of the full amount): $35,426,179
  • Remaining allocation (1/3 of the full amount): $17,713,089

Although we still don’t know the dates on which GPISD will receive these allocations, the Action Team has already created a prioritized spending plan. The question that guided the team in creating the plan was simple: How can we best use the grant funds to meet our students’ needs? We are now ready to share the details of our spending plan with you. The four required domains that are shown in the graphic below will be in place throughout the three-year grant period.

We are very excited about the way in which ESSER III funds will benefit students in GPISD, and soon we will be providing more details about the projects that are a part of the plan to ensure their health and safety and support their academic performance. Stay tuned!

ESSER III Requirements: The Four Domains

Health and Safety
as related to COVID (CDC guidance)

HVAC upgrades, repairs, and replacement of filtering purification

23% of the total allocation

Acceleration of Learning
to address the impact of lost instructional time

Academic support/intervention support/instructional resources, instructional online software, teacher and instructional coach trainings.

21% set-aside (required minimum 20%)

Students' Academic, SEL, and Mental-Health Needs
(particularly those who were disproportionately impacted by COVID-19)

On-line resources/curriculum to address the social and emotional needs of students. Social emotional support system for students and families. School-based mental health support. Attendance/Drop-out, parent and community engagement.

31% of the total allocation

LEA Expenditure Plan
for remainder of funds

Technology network upgrades, analytics platform for producing data, data analytics platform and support for analyzing student performance, and technology equipment to support classroom and district needs.

25% of the total allocation