Now more than ever, attendance, participation and staying engaged are critical for your student’s success at school.  Your Skyward Family Access account is a convenient way to view and track your student’s attendance. Click here to navigate to Skyward Family Access ( If you need assistance with setting up your Skyward Family Access account, please contact your child’s school. In addition, Attendance Warning Letters can now be viewed through Skyward Family Access. Education Code 25.087 requires school districts to notify a student’s parent if the student has unexcused absences for three day or parts of days within a four-week period.

To assist with attendance, parents should:

  • Monitor the student’s school attendance and require the student to attend school;
  • Request a conference with the school officials to discuss the absences;
  • Provide updated accurate address and contact information;
  • Monitor student attendance through Skyward Family Access;
  • Submit an excuse note to the attendance office for all unexcused absences.

The GPISD Truancy Department wants all parents to know it is never too late to work together to improve student attendance and reduce truancy.