Device Exchange Checklist

Device Exchange Checklist For Campus Deployment


This article shares best practices for returning the old device and receiving the new MacBook Air.

Refresh Process for Teachers

  • At the designated time, teachers will come to the designated location with their laptop, charger and adapter.
  • Please have the device powered up to verify that you are logged out of your iCloud account, the trackpad works, the screen works and files are backed up. You can use an external hard drive or flash drive or the steps to back up to One Drive on the following pages. You must backup your files.

If any physical damage is discovered, or if something is missing, the teacher will be instructed to make an appointment with the Help Desk to return their device and be issued their new one at a later date.

  • Device should power up
  • Log out of Apple ID
  • Screen has no cracks and hinged lid works
  • Trackpad works
  • No more than 2 keys are missing from the keyboard
  • Charger and adapter are turned in with laptop

After the exchange:

  • Teachers log in to new device and make sure they are on wifi.
  • Assistance will be given for adding the printer.
  • Teachers return to their classroom to download and install apps from Self Service.
  • Teachers restore files from a drive or cloud service.