counseling overview

Mission Statement

The mission of Crosswinds Accelerated High School is to provide proactive, comprehensive, developmentally appropriate preventative and responsive counseling services. The counseling department provides equal access to all students, to address students usnique academic and career goals. We strive to support their personal and social needs within a positive school climate. Partnering with parents/guardians, staff and the community members has empowered students to explore their passions. Tapping into student interest and talents has lead to increased engagement and continued growth on our campus. Students have been able to identify personal strengths that can enable them to achieve their personal and academic goals. 

Vision Statement

The Crosswinds Accelerated High School Counseling Department will empower all students to reach their maximimum potential by using a comprehensive program that will address academic, personal/social, and career goals. We will promote and environment to encourage personal inquiry and a growth mindset focusing on social responsibility and academic excellence. Our collaborative team of counselors, staff, parents/guardians and community members work together to create a supportive, safe and caring atmosphere to promote high academic achievement. Our goal is to help students develop skills to work to their fullest potential and have access to the knowledge and skills necessary to be globally competetive, life-long learners.