About Our School

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster a love of learning in an innovative, collaborative climate which empowers all students to be competent, productive caring and responsible citizens.

Vision Statement

The Sallye Moore College and Career Preparatory student makes an active decision to be educated at our school because they and their family desire a world-class learning experience. We provide our students the opportunity to engage, explore and experience colleges and careers through a rigorous, hands-on learning approach that is driven by the expectation that all students are college and career bound. 

Our students will become:

  • Effective communicators who will use verbal, written, artistic and technological forms of communication to give, send and receive information
  • Inspired learners who are accountable for demonstrating and directing their present and life-long intellectual growth
  • Productive workers who perform collaboratively and independently to create quality products and services that reflect personal pride and responsibility
  • Responsible citizens who have a global and multi-cultural perspective and who take the initiative for improving the quality of life for self and others
  • Resourceful thinkers who independently and creatively strive to solve complex problems through reflection, risk-taking and critical evaluation

Sallye Moore College and Career Preparatory Academy

  1. Engages the 21st Century Learner through a rigorous curriculum (i.e. project-based learning opportunities, critical thinking and problem-solving activities and student presentations)
  2. Develops learners socially and emotionally to understand the importance of demonstrating good character, compassion and serving one's community
  3. Provides learners opportunities to experience and explore life and career skills they will need in order to be college and career ready
  4. Teaches learning and innovation skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration embedded in daily instruction
  5. Incorporates career and technical education skills so that students can use multi-media to research, explore, present and communicate