Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Grand Prairie ISD using the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) system?

Standardization of emergency response actions from campus to campus reduces the amount of time required for protective measures to be implemented, and therefore can prevent or mitigate the potential negative effects of an incident.  Grand Prairie ISD has adopted the Standard Response Protocol (SRP), a proven methodology that ensures a uniform response to school-based emergencies.

The SRP is not based on individual scenarios, but rather on the response to any given scenario. One large benefit of the SRP is the standard language used by all responders; this includes students, parents, staff and first responders. The protocol also allows for all involved to use a predictable series of actions. This standardization in response ensures that all incidents are handled in the same manner district-wide and everyone knows what is happening or what to do as an event unfolds

Is the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) used by other school districts?

The SRP has been developed for implementation in K-12 and university environments by the “I Love You Guys” Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to student safety.  In addition to receiving an endorsement by the Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC), the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the office of the Governor for the State of Texas, the SRP is currently being used by thousands of school districts across the nation. Other north central Texas school districts utilizing SRP include: McKinney ISD, Plano ISD, Allen ISD, Lewisville ISD, Dallas ISD, Irving ISD, Coppell ISD, Mesquite ISD and others.